Primary Care Vanguard Program

Welcome, Independent Primary Care Practice!

We’re excited to share more with you about what we’re doing at Canvas, and if you’re interested, explore working together.

For the Primary Care Vanguard program, we’re putting together a small group of leading practices across the nation for the advancement of independent primary care in America.

After learning a bit more about the program on this page, use the form below, if you choose, to provide us with contact information for an initial exploratory conversation.

The Partnership

Since 2015, we have been meticulously building the Canvas Primary Care Platform, a medical record built for independent primary care practices. Our team has observed primary care teams for years, and we’ve talked with hundreds of clinicians across the country. We have gathered input on the product through our clinical advisory board composed of practicing primary care clinicians.

After all of this development, late last year our first partner practices turned off their old EMRs and switched fully to Canvas. It’s now mid-2018 and we are serving as the technology partner for primary care practices across the country ranging from solo practices to larger groups.

Now, as we continue to develop the platform, we are seeking to partner with a small number of leading practices to advance independent primary care together. The Primary Care Vanguard program, which involves no monetary exchange and is non-binding, provides the following benefits:

  1. Guide development on the EMR of the future. We’re continually improving the logic that powers the Canvas platform. Share your input and help build the EMR that you want to see.
  2. Rely on us for support with regulatory programs. Canvas leadership includes a former CMS official and former medical legal chief of a large medical group. Our team can help guide you toward success in MACRA and other regulatory programs so you can focus on what you trained for: taking care of patients.
  3. Create value for your practice. If your practice decides to adopt the Canvas platform at the end of the Vanguard program, Canvas offers working capital, regulatory guarantees, and full data migration — so you experience a positive impact on cash flow from the start. We’d be honored to be given the chance to earn your business.

The Canvas Primary Care Platform

The Canvas Primary Care Platform is as an integrated set of applications.

  • Charting is used during patient encounters for notes, orders, and chart review.
  • Panel (care coordination) enables teams to organize care at scale.
  • Patient App (patient engagement), Revenue Management (billing and payer quality reporting), Front Office (scheduling), and Manual Data Management complete the platform.

From the clinical perspective: In user tests, charting in Canvas averages three times faster than other ambulatory EMRs, with 80% fewer clicks. The Canvas interface completely eliminates the need for pop-ups and fatiguing screen transitions — and offers fully integrated billing, practice management, and regulatory reporting.

From the business perspective: Canvas enables 15% higher revenue through optimized billing, increased efficiency, and automated payer quality reporting. The fact is that current EMRs aren’t properly tooled for independent primary care. Even as they squeeze rates, payers are creating new revenue opportunities for primary care. Canvas has tools to capture these opportunities, which we back up with guarantees customized to your practice.

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Andrew Hines, CEO

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