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Canvas Primary Care Platform Canvas EHR Application
When is it used? Clinical and business operations run on Canvas.

Charting is a breakthrough interface used during patient encounters for notes, orders, and chart review.

Panel (care coordination) enables teams to organize care at scale. Revenue Management (automated billing and payer reporting), Front Office, and Patient App (Portal) complete the platform.
Depends on the depth of EHR integration desired by the customer.

Typically, the initial integration is light, focusing on orders for quality measures and health maintenance services. The underlying EHR is still used by the clinician for core charting tasks.

Once this initial integration is set up, Canvas can be configured to replace other charting workflows, minimizing physicians' interaction with the underlying EHR.
What are the benefits? Chart three times as fast with 80% fewer clicks, practice at top of license, and provide higher quality care.

Let Canvas automatically handle regulatory and administrative burdens.

Increase revenue by 30%, backed by industry-leading performance guarantees.
Save clinicians' time while improving quality.

Achieve high performance on Medicare MIPS and other payer programs.

Increase revenue through automated workflows and faster patient visits.
How it it deployed? As an EHR replacement for independent primary care practices.

Canvas fully covers data migration and full-time staff support with tailored revenue guarantees to ensure a positive impact from the start on patient visit capacity and practice financial performance.
As an application on top of your existing EHR.

Only available with select EHRs that have adequate integration capabilities. Contact us to inquire about your EHR.
Who is the target audience? Independent primary care practices. Health systems and large multi-specialty groups on compatible EHRs.

Canvas Primary Care Platform

Does your practice meet the following criteria?

If so, see our Technology page for information on core Platform features, and Contact Us to schedule an initial conversation.

Canvas EHR Application

Receive targeted notifications on quality measures and create associated orders in one click. Replace burdensome workflows and chart faster.

"Although our practice regularly screens for tobacco use and conducts cessation counseling, we didn't capture that in our EMR in a way that was easy to report. So we performed poorly."

"We have a third-party population health tool with decently accurate notifications — but because it does not make it easier to place orders, the tool does not save clinicians' time."

"Doing simple charting tasks in our EHR takes over 25 clicks per task. Multiply that by many charting tasks per patient and multiple patients per day, and most of my day ends up being spent clicking."

The Canvas EHR application was built to address concerns like these that we hear from clinicians every day.

    quality notifications

    Act instantly with one-click orders

    All too often, third party dashboards for quality reporting are not actionable:  the user has to go back to the EMR and act on the notification.

    In Canvas, notifications are triggered based on a full read of EMR data. Act on the notification in one-click and the order(s) are automatically generated.

    Succeed in MIPS

    Select pre-configured measures from CMS' General Practice/Family Medicine measure set, or easily configure customized measures and notifications.

    Take action across the entire patient panel with a flexible dashboard that incorporates one-click order entry.

    Empower the full care team

    For medical assistants, Canvas can be the principle tool used when rooming a patient. Questionnaires (e.g., Annual Wellness Visit Health Risk Assessment, PHQ-9, etc.) can be sent to a phone or tablet for the patient to complete.

    For clinicians, specific workflows can be customized to reduce the burden of data entry in the underlying EHR.

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