We’re excited to share more with you about what we’re doing at Canvas and, if you’re interested, explore working together.

Our Immediate Payment Program is available to practices using the Canvas platform to run their practices. I’ll tell you a bit about the Canvas platform and then describe the basic mechanics of the Immediate Payment Program.

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The Primary Care Platform

We worked with practicing primary care clinicians for years to reimagine the technology infrastructure for the modern primary care practice. At the heart of this is a completely reimagined charting experience. Canvas understands natural clinical language and captures structured data on-the-fly so you can chart easier with 80% fewer clicks compared to legacy EMRs. Rather than having to click around forms and navigate complex menus, Canvas gives you the freedom to tell the patient’s story in a natural, intuitive fashion.

Canvas also includes a patient application, payer quality reporting for Medicare MACRA / MIPS, scheduling, and data management.

The magic of Canvas is that it offers an experience built for care, not for billing — and the software itself does the heavy lifting in the background to ensure you get paid what you deserve. This includes checking patient eligibility in real-time with payers, automatically inserting codes that align with your documentation and checking them against our database of payer rules to reduce denials, and much more.

But rather than simply making claims about the performance of our technology, we’re now taking the next step. With the Immediate Payment Program, we pay you immediately and take on the risk of delays, underpayments, and denials ourselves.

The Immediate Payment Program

To start in the Immediate Payment Program, we’ll first get you set up on the Canvas software platform. This involves migrating your patient records, setting up interfaces such as labs and claims clearinghouse, and training you and your team. It’s an intensive process and requires some work on your part, but our team takes any and all opportunities to take on the work ourselves. In most cases, we’ll come onsite to make sure everything goes smoothly.

During this time, we’ll analyze your historical claims as well as your larger payer contracts. The result of this analysis will inform the fee schedule that defines how much we pay you. It is of course a conversation between us and you to arrive at something that makes sense for both of us. The fee schedule that we pay you is set slightly below the average rate you’ve received historically from payers. That difference is how we stay in business. In return, you get complete certainty, no denials, and elimination of accounts receivable — payment is initiated immediately when you lock your note. You can also vastly reduce or even eliminate what you’re spending on managing these processes now.

In a typical revenue cycle management arrangement, the vendor takes a percent of collections. In that arrangement, you still bear the risk if claims are underpaid, delayed, or denied. The fundamental difference here is that we are taking on that risk. If a claim ends up not getting paid, it’s on us. You’ve already been paid.

What about the legal and compliance implications? Canvas leadership includes a former CMS official and former medical legal chief of a large medical group; we take compliance very seriously. It’s actually very simple from this perspective. When you’re done with an encounter, we’ll pay you immediately based upon our fee schedule with you. Then we’ll submit the claim and manage any adjudication issues. The claim will still be assigned to you and the payment will be made to an account in your name that we jointly manage. The claim payment will then be transferred to us from this joint account as specified in our agreement.

We know more than a few independent primary care physicians who have sold their practices in response to tightening reimbursement, rising costs, and increasing administrative burdens. At Canvas, we believe that independent primary care practices are vital resources for our communities and provide the kind of care patients want at a better value than your large corporate counterparts.

Our goal with the Immediate Payment Program is to enable independent primary care practices to thrive and focus on caring for their patients in this era of increasing payment and regulatory complexity.

Thanks for your time, and I hope we get the chance to speak soon.

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Andrew Hines, CEO

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