Clinicians should have software they love.

Our mission is to give clinicians and their teams highly usable, intelligent tools to advance their practice of medicine — and improve their day-to-day.

Our mission is to give clinicians and their teams highly usable, intelligent tools to advance their practice of medicine — and improve their day-to-day.

What We Believe

Why did we enter this crowded field? Because medical records have fallen dramatically short of their promise to improve the quality and efficiency of health care. Clinicians spend far too long at their computers. Workflows are overly restrictive. Valuable medical data is left unstructured.

We are honored, and humbled, when a practice chooses us as their technology partner. Medicine is a delicate craft that mixes art and science — technology can help or hinder this craft. Working with clinicians across the country, we think we have begun to build something that helps.

Check out our blog for updates, data, and essays on Canvas and American primary care.

Our Team

Michela Bestwick Michela Bestwick Software Engineer
Beau Gunderson Beau Gunderson Principal Software Architect
Jessica Herbert Jessica Herbert Customer Implementation and Support Manager
Andrew Hines Andrew Hines CEO
Julian Malinak Julian Malinak Chief Operating Officer
Joe Tuson Joe Tuson Chief Technology Officer
Mel van Londen Mel van Londen Lead Product Developer
Michael Zimmerman MD Michael Zimmerman MD Medical Director
You You Software Engineer
Clinical Advisory Board
Andrew Nadler MD, Internal Medicine
Ninad Athale MD, Family Medicine
Meenesh Bhimani MD, Emergency Medicine
Bruce Block MD, Pediatrics
Steve Magee MD, Family Medicine
Erik McDonald MD, Orthopedic Surgery
Anna Hines FNP, Family Nurse Practitioner

Our Story

Andrew founded Canvas in 2015 after years of seeing his wife Anna — a family nurse practitioner — sacrifice family time in the evenings to “finish” charting. It never ended.

Andrew knew that the answer wasn’t to go out and do it alone. He started to fill the gaps in his experience. Seven practicing clinicians formed the clinical advisory board — rather than leave practice to work full-time with Canvas, they used and reviewed product changes in their practices. Our Medical Director, Dr. Zimmerman, joined when he saw the potential of Canvas to help independent practices like his practice, Temescal Creek Medicine in Oakland, CA. Julian joined Canvas after working at Medicare and seeing the failures of current technology to keep up with increasing regulatory demands without burdening clinicians. Joe and a world class group of software developers joined to accelerate our ability to listen to clinician feedback and constantly improve the product.

With Canvas, we created a fundamentally different way of charting that completely eliminates the need for menus and pop-ups. The name of the company describes the charting experience — it feels like a blank canvas where you can tell the patient’s story and seamlessly complete notes, orders, and chart review on a single, unified screen. With seamlessly integrated population health, billing, and practice management, Canvas is a reimagined platform for the modern primary care practice.