Better Charting for Primary Care

Chart Faster

Chart in a natural narrative.

Capture structured data three times as fast with no fatiguing pop-ups and 80% fewer clicks. Less time on the computer, more time with patients.

Increase Revenue

Optimize billing for new service codes and revenue streams while increasing practice efficiency and seeing more patients (or leaving the office earlier). Let Canvas automatically handle regulatory and administrative burdens.

Secure your business with revenue guarantees customized to your practice by our expert team.

Improve Care

Quickly review the right information and take action in a dynamic, intelligent interface that does away with static charts and repetitive notes.

Practice at top of license through automation of routine tasks.

"Canvas works three times as fast, improves performance dramatically on key quality metrics, and is incredibly easy to use. The right information is presented in the right way at the right time, and the product leverages technology to actually improve the quality of care I provide. It has quickly shown its value in enabling better patient care." – Dr. Steven Magee, Dignity Health Medical Foundation